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  • IceTopper

    IceTopper ice cube trays are thoughtfully designed for your kitchen! The stackable trays with attached lids keep your ice fresh and your freezer organized. IceToppers can be used in ways you've never imagined. Infuse ice with fruity flavors; make herb concentrates that never spoil; store baby food and sauces; even concoct delicious bite-sized desserts. IceToppers are great for crafts and curios, and kids love them too! Check us out on Social Media for more great ideas.

  • Lids keep ice cubes fresh and protected, each cube with an easy-release silicone bottom. KEEP ICE FRESH & PROTECTED: IceTopper Plus ice cube tr...
    $ 8.99
    156 Reviews
    IceTopper Plus
  • Perfect for everything from cocktails to baby food. Makes 8 extra-large 2" x 2" ice cubes. KEEP ICE FRESH & PROTECTED: IceTopper XL ice cube...
    $ 12.99
    IceTopper XL