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    MyTopper provides thoughtful solutions to your family’s kitchen storage troubles. Use MyTopper products in the fridge or freezer, microwave or oven. MyTopper allows you to store your food and drinks as conveniently as possible. Whether it’s prepping food for the week or simply preventing your morning cup of coffee from spilling, MyTopper has a solution for your needs.
  • Lids keep ice cubes fresh and protected, each cube with an easy-release silicone bottom. KEEP ICE FRESH & PROTECTED: IceTopper Plus ice cube tr...
    $ 8.99
    156 Reviews
    IceTopper Plus
  • Perfect for everything from cocktails to baby food. Makes 8 extra-large 2" x 2" ice cubes. KEEP ICE FRESH & PROTECTED: IceTopper XL ice cube...
    $ 12.99
    IceTopper XL
  • Vented food cover protects your microwave from messy splatters. Use on plates and bowls to encourage even-cooking. Microwave Splatter Guard with S...
    $ 12.99
    17 reviews